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Used Clothing Wholesale

Mayor Supplier of Bulk Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Recycled Used Blue Jeans, Rummage, Rags, Worn Apparel and Garments for Export to Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and World Wide

Used Clothing Wholesale and Second Hand Clothes, Great Low Prices for Export from Miami, Florida - See
our Great Offers of Used Jeans, Used Summer and
Used Winter Clothing for The Whole Family

Used Clothing Wholesale Home Page

Used Clothing Wholesale, Second Hand Clothes Dealer, Recycled Grade A Blue Jeans $1.40, Levi's Strauss $5.00 & The Best Prices in Rummage, Rags, Used Apparel, 2nd Hand Garments & Fashions. Ropa Usada, Ropa de Segunda Mano en Pacas

Used Clothing Wholesale at The Best Prices for Export from Miami
to Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Europe & The Whole World

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Grade A Denim Jeans for $1.40 ea

Used Clothing Wholesale, Second Hand Clothes Dealer for Export World Wide,  Selling Bulk Used Clothing, 2nd Hand  Denim Jeans, Garments, Apparel, Fashions, Rummage, Rags, Closeouts, Surplus, Salvage, Liquidations, Stock-lots and Recycled Clothing. Over 21 Years of Experience Selling to Used Clothing Buyers in 39 Countries all over the World.

We are well known as The

Home Of The Grade A Jeans as low as $1.10 each

Levi's Strauss Grade A Jeans as low as $5.00 ea

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 Grade "A" as low a $0.40 Lb
Grade "A+B" at .... $0.14 Lb
Grade "AA" and Grade "AAA" 
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Grade "B" ......... $0.10 Lb
Mixed WINTER Clothes $0.10 Lb
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Used Clothing
Packed in Bales, Sold by "The Pound" (Lb), Grade B, A+B, A, AA & AAA Premium
* Mixed Used Summer Clothing for Adults
* Sorted Used Summer Clothing for Adults
* Mixed Used WINTER Clothing for Adults
* Mixed Brands Used JEANS for Adults
* Mixed Levi's Jeans for Adults
* House Rummage
* Mixed Used Children's Summer Clothing
* Mixed Used Shoes for the Whole Family
* Etc., etc.

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You will find The Best Prices in Used Summer Clothing in Small Bales of 100 Lbs or
Large Bales of 1,000 Lbs in Grade AAA, AA, and Grade A as low as $0.40 per Lb, including Winter Clothing as low as $0.16 per Lb, Children's Clothing, House Rummage & Mixed Brands Grade A Jeans as low as $1.40 & Levi's Jeans $5.00, Military Clothes, Used Shoes plus
much more

See 1 Minute Videos of The Warehouse and The Grading of the Used
Clothing in all Grades or Qualities .. Click on the bottons below:

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Espanol - Spanish

Ropa Usada en Pacas !!

Los Mejores Precios para Latino America !

Si, Ropa Usada a los Mejores Precios en Miami .. Vendemos Ropa de Verano, Invierno, Ropa de Ninos, Ropa de Casa, Jeans / Vaqueros, en pacas de 1,000 Lbs o Pacas pequenas de 100 Lbs. En Grado A, AA y AAA = Premium

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Office Phone 305 477-0280 + 305 477-4060
and 305 499-4112
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